Latest, Affordable Footwear Trends in 2022 

Pakistan is still reeling hard from the huge inflation spikes this year making the need to save to make ends meet essential. These times call for you to cut back on everything you love, including your love for shoes. But this certainly does not mean you give up on those new shoes you locked your eyes on.

Several local shoe retailers are now offering big sales to help you keep your shoe game on. Another way to walk this road is to save up slowly and use the money that you saved up to buy shoes that match your personality. 

Your shoes allow you to make a lasting first impression, and hence owning a pair that keeps you confident and uplifts your personality does wonders for you! If you are looking for shoes with an extra oomph while being affordable, Metro shoes is one such place! 

Find shoes that add to your personality, and still allow you to stay within budget here. With their design catalogs updating every season and huge sales, you will surely find your fit. Furthermore, their strong online presence, and user-friendly interface for their websites, allow you to order your shoes in the comfort of your home, or office. This means no need to burn precious fuel for the retail shops, and save up on trips to the bazaar! 

Not only could you find your perfect shoes here but you can also choose from their collection of pet clothing and accessories. And their seasonal sales offer discounts as high as up to 50% making it a viable option during this inflationary period.

Be it simple casuals or formals for the ongoing Shaadi seasons or shoes to flaunt your exclusive summer look. You could find a pair for all of your everyday needs. Here’s what you could choose from;


Unbearably hot weather this summer? Sandals are your go-to footwear. Designed to stay breezy, if you want your feet dry and cool all day long, a pair of sandals are perfect. Also, you can wear them on any and all occasions,  and are office-friendly too! 

Need something a little casual, that goes perfectly with most of your everyday looks? Chinos, pants, and trousers too! Comfortable as they are, they add a sporty, agile, smart element to your outfit.


Wear them to that important corporate meeting, or to that job interview, or attending a wedding? – you are set!  Formal shoes serve many purposes and are an absolute essential.


An absolute must for all women, heels are the go-to for most of your everyday needs. They add to the posture and elevate your look.


Another one of the must-haves, pumps go with almost everything that you wear. They are perfect for both indoors and outdoors.


If you’re indoors, or off to grocery at the nearest grocery store, you’ll be needing sliders. Sliders are the ultimate casual footwear for you! 

All these categories offer a huge variety in terms of designs and looks. All you need to do is to dive in and explore, and you are sure to find something that would help you cheer up during these stressful times. It is best to make most of all the exclusive online deals & discounts, season and off-season sales. Some banks also offer special discounts to their debit/credit card holders, and with Savyour, get added cashback on top. Stacking all these discounts and cashback together is sure to help you save up! The best way to survive these hiking prices is to be smart about how you spend your money.

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